About Me

So why did I decide to make a blog? 
Well, I love to create things, and a blog is a great way to document my little projects. This is my little fall break project.

This year, I have been getting really crafty. I wanted to crotchet, so I sort of just figured out how.
This is one of my VERY first creations!

These are two more I made over the summer. 

Another thing I like to do is draw. I like to draw in every style (I'm just better in some than others)
I love drawing realistic drawings, but I also LOOOOVE to just draw cute things. My friend and I made a Instagram account to showcase our drawings. Follow @doodlesandthings to see some of our artwork!
Besides drawing and crafting, I also really enjoy photography. I like to capture the small good things in life.
This is one of my favorite pictures that I took. If you can guess where it is you have talent! To see more of my pictures, follow @addielyn on Instagram

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